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Write Through The Summer And Into Autumn with Awakening The Writer Within

Hello and welcome to summer! Is there light at the end of the tunnel? As many of us emerge from a locked-down spring into summer, there’s the possibility of more freedom, space, and some carefully distanced social contact, though we might wonder if further tunnels are ahead.

Virtual Workshops

To help you focus on writing this summer and autumn we are delighted to launch our programme of four virtual workshops and invite you to join us from early July right through to November. The details are on the website where you can book your place. There are generous discounts this year for our alumni who have bought our courses over the past five years, and special offers for anybody buying one of the books in our shop. Our aim is to make the workshops accessible and fun for anybody who wants to join in, so please do, it would be lovely to have you.

Writing Prompt

And to get you in the mood for the workshop next month, here’s a writing prompt. This photograph was taken on a lovely walk through a small wood on the suburban edge of York. Despite the large numbers of people out enjoying the weather, there was enough space to find some peace and tranquillity. But many of us are nervous, the virus is still with us and we don’t yet know what the future holds.

Writing prompt Awakening The Writer Within

Use this picture to tell a story. Where does the light at the end of this tunnel of trees lead? Who is in the woods? Is this place friendly or frightening? What can you hear? Birdsong, or a cry for help? Or is it the laughter of friends?

Keep in mind our People, Place and Plot structure:

Who is in the wood?

What kind of environment is it?

What happens?

Let your pen or keyboard and your imagination run free and don’t be afraid to try any form you like, fiction, memoir, poetry or drama.

If you’d like to share your work, do paste it up on our main Awakening The Writer Within Facebook Page or our Closed Facebook Group.

Above all, have fun!

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