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What's on our Minds this Winter?

Our theme for our November virtual writing workshop on 26th November 2023 is Money, the thing that’s on most of our minds at the moment.

Take some time out to think differently about money by exploring what writers, musicians and playwrights have said about it for centuries, and reflect on how you can create stories which feature money. Whether it’s Beyonce’s Bills, Bills, Bills or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, too little and too much money are both sources of inspiration for writers. There’s also room for venting at financial institutions and decision-makers, if that’s your thing! Our low cost online workshops will make sure you don’t break the bank…

Why not join us for the afternoon, from the comfort of your own home, on Saturday 26th November or book all three winter 2023 Virtual workshops and enjoy a 20% reduction in price!

Secure your place now by clicking

We very much look forward to seeing you soon

Clara and Janet

Awakening the Writer Within


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