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Since our first virtual workshop in April 2020, we have been delighted to host many further virtual events, welcoming over 280 writers, some established and some just starting out, from all around the world.

This winter, we are offering a series of four half-day, virtual workshops with the encouragement and opportunity for writing, stimulated by inspiring prompts, delivered throughout the afternoon, Zoom calls for collaboration and interaction and an online group for real-time sharing and constructive feedback.


Our winter 2021/2022 schedule is as follows:



13th November 2021

11th December 2021

8th January 2022

5th February 2022

Every participant will receive access to all of the following materials, support and media

- Two 30 minute Zoom calls at the start (13.30)  and conclusion (16.30) of the afternoon for discussion, community building and sharing

- Inspiring resources sent a couple of days in advance to set the scene and to get the creative juices flowing

- Stimulating prompts, sent throughout the afternoon , to your inbox embracing character, location/genre, dialogue, point of view, poetry, screenplay and editing.

- Inspirational examples from literature, art, music and drama.

- A closed online community for real-time sharing, encouragement and feedback if desired

Every participant may select to take part in all four workshops or you are welcome to book for one or two at a time. The tone will be constructive and supportive and there will be no pressure to share your work if you would prefer not to do so. 


The charge of £10 per session will enable participation in each half-day workshop and the following discounts are available:


- A discounted price of £18 for two sessions

- A discounted price is available for booking multiple sessions