6th August 2022 - 13.30 to 17.00 


We are delighted to offer another of our popular half-day, online workshops this summer. The special price of £8.00 reflects a 20% discount on our usual single workshop charge and has been set to enable maximum accessibility of this single workshop in Summer 2022. 


Why not join us again for one of these popular afternoons, without needing to travel from the comfort of your home.  As always, the tone will be encouraging and supportive with the opportunity to share work if you wish, but with no pressure to do so.


This three and a half hour, remote Summertime workshop will be based on our tried and tested workshop structure and the charge of £8.00 will include:


- engaging pre-workshop materials, based upon our chosen theme, to get the creative juices flowing. These include examples from music, film and literature  


- circulated transcripts of examples of others' writing to inspire and trigger creativity


- two facilitated Zoom calls throughout the afternoon, to set the scene, share and encourage one another and celebrate each other's contributions


- an optional, monitored Facebook Group via which work may be shared throughout the workshop and encouraging comments added by us and by other participants  


- Stimulating, original writing prompts, sent via email throughout the afternoon, to which participants may respond in either prose or poetry


These extremely popular workshops have been hosted many times by us over the last five years and have generated a wealth of positive feedback from new writers and experienced, published participants alike. 

2022 - A Soulful Summer - Remote Writing Workshop